Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Local Cherry Pickers Assemble

Every month people from all over gather at one of the local swap meets specializing in vintage and antique items.  I love going and looking at all the uncovered treasures.  Here is a sneak peak into my recent adventure.

This is a toy fire engine someone re-purposed as a garden water feature.  Cherry red and adorable!

A general store biscuit tin on a display stand.
I loved this biscuit tin from England.  I collect old tins and when ever I come across a great piece I just have to have it.  But, I was reminded that all collections must eventually have a focus.  Our tin collection is focused on food and Made in the USA.  So, unfortunately for me and fortunately for some other collector this item didn't go home with me.  I will have share my tin collection displayed in my kitchen in a future post. 
Fun woven baskets and old glass bottles.

PYREX!  Wow that is a lot of vintage fun and so neatly displayed.
Pyrex Galore!  Everywhere you turn there was Pyrex to be appreciated and the prices reflected that appreciation.  Oh well, one lucky collector will find the set they have always dreamed of.   I chose to pass in hopes of a better deal in the future.

The sign for Douglas Gasoline was neat and I'm not a sign girl.  

I have a ton more pictures I could share of my fun weekend at the Antique and Collectibles swap meet but I will leave you with what I "Cherry Picked".

I bought this neat brass Chatillons Spring Balance to replace my purse and key hook by my front door.
A triple decked food carrier from the 1960s.  Love the colors.

This was the rusty treasure I rescued from a vendor at the swap meet.  It is a vintage aluminum saran wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper and paper towel holder. When I picked this up it was gross with years of grime and kitchen yuck all over it. I am planning on cleaning it up and painting it.  I will post its transformation and restoration soon.


  1. Adorable triple decked food carrier & all that pyrex... drool (that square set looks interesting).

  2. Thanks so much Danielle! I loved it too. It had the original paper work with it. Amazing stuff. Thanks for checking out my blog:)