Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pyrex Cherry Pick me up!

Pyrex just the word sends me into a daydream of thoughts about all that is still out there yet to be discovered.  I have been collecting Pyrex for about 10 years.  When you have been collecting for this long you would think it would take more than just a promotional piece to get my blood boiling. Well, not really!

I still get excited when I round the aisle at the thrift store and discover a piece of Pyrex.  In fact,  I sometimes buy it without considering if I need it, want it, or have it already,  I call it Pyrex pity.  I can't let it sit there unappreciated on the shelf.  I must own it.  In the cases where my Pyrex pity has spun out of control I will usually clean the piece up and send it down to my booth at the local antique mall to find a new home.  I feel I have rescued it and have found it a proper place to be viewed.  I know it sounds crazy but if you love Pyrex you understand.  
This is a 2.5 quart charcoal covered casserole and is seems to be rare!

There is no pity necessary with the piece I found this week .  A promotional piece listed in "Pyrex The unauthorized collectors guide" by Barbara E. Mauzy p. 132 was just sitting there waiting to be "picked" up.   I couldn't believe it when I picked it up and the tag read $15.  I mean, it was unique, in pristine condition, and had the black cradle with it.  I had never seen this piece before and was shocked to find it sitting on the floor of someones booth space at the antique mall where I sell.  The price was perfect and somewhat shocking  because the refrigerator dishes in the same booth cost that much.  I don't understand but I will take it!  And I did!  I "cherry picked" the beautiful and rare Pyrex promotional piece right up to take home with me.  I have to say it looks proud to be displayed next to all its well loved and collectible Pyrex friends.


  1. Not too often you find something like that at a thrift! Nice find!!

    I'm your first follower - welcome to the wonderful world of blogging,I found you via The Pyrex Collective.

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome Jill. Blogging is so much fun! The Pyrex Collective is so inspiring.