Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vintage Salt and Pepper Collection Score!

I am learning to not judge a book by its cover or rather a garage sale by its listing.  But, what else do we pickers have to go on?  Instinct, that's what! Sometimes going with my gut pays off and sometimes it does not.  This time I would like to think it paid off.  

I started off the past week somewhat skeptical because there were fewer listings than normal and they seemed like weak listings at that.  I was doubtful I would find anything good when I headed out the door.  Boy was I wrong!  

I went to a retirement community sale that had over 50 houses within the community that were participating.  Sounds like it would have been a no brainer and I should have been amped to head out.  Well, this community sale has a reputation for not being that great, as it is held yearly.  I started out early and went to the houses that seemed open to early birds first.  

The first house I went to was the best.  The lady pulled out many boxes and said she had not opened some of them in 30 years.   Well you know my heart was beating a mile a minute when I heard that.  I wanted to tear through the boxes but I had to use restraint.  I made small talk with the lady and finally made my move.  I said, "did you collect anything"?  She was more than willing to share what was in the boxes and I let her show me the items one by one and listen to its history.  

What she had is an amazing untouched, in over 30 years, salt and pepper collection.  I don't know a better window to a vintage kitchen's past than through the tiny, kitchy and useful shakers.  I started to unwrap more of the items and asked how much she was asking for each pair.  She gave a price for the entire box.  A great price!!!  I mean so good that I stopped in my tracks and didn't even dig any further.  I couldn't get the money out fast enough.  I love when that happens.

It just goes to show you that the best part of being a Picker is that sometimes you can't anticipate the cherry on top of the pick :)

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