Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is Cherry Picked All About?

This is my first blog post. I am excited to have a place to share my passion for "cherry picking" with others. I have a passion for anything vintage or antique.I am obsessed with the unique; and I love the vintage layers of design from the past.

I own a little booth inside an antique mall in a sleepy oceanside community and love the thrill of filling it up with treasures I find along the way. You can find me rolling out of bed before dawn on the weekends prepared with a mapped out list of various flea markets, thrift stores, estate and garage sales looking for the unusual.

Every week I will document my adventure and share my special finds I have "picked" along the way. My own collections include vintage Pyrex, cookbooks, old kitchen gadgets, and tin cans. Hop aboard and enjoy the adventures of the collector turned "cherry picker".

Here is look at what I uncovered this week...

This Vintage Recipe Box was too cute to pass up and I just had to take it home.
The Recipe Box made me think about the people who may have owned it before. What did they enjoy baking or cooking? I was hoping the contents would lend me some clue to answer the questions I had about its past. When I opened it I was somewhat disappointed that it was empty. Oh well. I will put it for sale in my booth and hope that the new owner fills it with many delicious recipes for years to come.

Here is just one more of my finds...

This is a handmade vintage owl key holder. Adorable, Don't you think?


  1. Such a sweet little recipe box!

  2. I know right. I pick up every vintage recipe box I can find. They are such a reflection of the funky kitchens of the past.