Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cherry Cheery Pyrex!

The estate sale of the season happened last weekend.  I hope another sale comes along that blows my socks off but this sale was the perfect pairing of perfect price, perfect items.  What could be more perfect than.....Pyrex?   Nothing:)!

I arrived at this sale over a hour early.  First in line of course.  It was awesome!  I knew from the ad that there would be Pyrex but never imagined the pieces they would have and at such great prices.  When the door opened I managed to get to the kitchen first and started immediately loading my bag.  This is what I picked up first.

The pieces I picked up were in great condition.  It was almost a complete set.  It was missing a 501.  But because I anticipate finding sets that need completing I knew I had a 501 Butterprint at home.  Yea for me! 
The matching butter dish was there too!   It also was in great condition.  I couldn't believe the prices for these guys.  I believe the set cost me around $12.  Amazing right?  I went home and cleaned all the estate sale germs off and placed them at home on my Pyrex display. 

I got a few more pieces of Pyrex as well but nothing like the matching set I have shown you here. 

The only thing I would say was wrong with this sale is that they split the kitchen stuff up into different rooms.  So in some ways, I was lucky to head to the kitchen and find the treasures that I did.  This other lady in line got to the other room before me and walked away with an incomplete primary set.  They were selling the bowls individually and I would have liked to have picked up the big yellow bowl to complete a set I am working on.  Oh well, I think I walked away with the better deal.

In addition, to the Pyrex, I picked up a vintage metal cart, a few advertising yard sticks, a nut chopper, a few linens, and cake cover made from aluminum. All of those items will head down to my booth for another treasure hunter to discover.  I love estate sales and I love that I get to share my "cherry picking" passion with others through this blog. I hope you have a wonderful hunt this week!  May the Cherry Picked force be with you :)


  1. So jealous of your fridgie set! Gotta love estate sales! :)

    1. I know this one made up for all the duds earlier in the season.

  2. I wish there were estate sales around here, they sound like such fun! That's a great deal on the fridgies!

  3. Replies
    1. I know it was a great day! I love reading your blog by the way:)