Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cherry Pitfalls to Cherry Picked Hoosier Heaven

I decided to hit a local swap meet last weekend after searching everywhere for a vintage American flag to lay on a rocking chair on my front porch.  Do you ever get obsessed on finding a particular item that it drives you nuts?  Well, that was me last weekend.  I had looked everywhere including all the antique malls and retail stores.  To make a long story short.  I mentioned the flag finding issue to a dealer in the antique mall I am in and she had one!  She gave me a really great deal on it and now I can display my flag for the 4th.  I will have to share pictures of the display on another post.  But the happy ending to the flag situation occurred after the journey to the swap meet.

Ok, back to the swap meet.  I hit this swap meet in search of a flag, pyrex, or anything I could pick up and put in my booth.  However, I was finding nothing!! After being there for what seemed like forever I was done.  I headed for the exit, hot, thirsty, and really annoyed because I had not found anything. If I were a 2 year old I would have thrown a tantrum.  

During my annoyed intended exit I passed by a guy who had some vintage patterns.  So, I stopped and looked at what he had.  Some of the sewing patterns were from the 1940s.  I asked how much and he said 10 cents!  What! Now, I was coming out of my cherry pick-less funk!  So, I bought all the patterns he had and I was feeling better.  Although, I was still determined to head for the exit; bummed that I hadn't found the flag I wanted.  

Then there it was!  Beautiful, Unique, and waiting for me! A 1940s kitchen hutch/Hoosier complete with the flour sifter.  I loved it.  I was no longer in the pits. I was in Cherry Picking Heaven.  The truth is I have been looking for the perfect hutch/Hoosier for a long time.  The price was great at only $75!  However, being at the swap meet I had to haggle.  I ended up paying only $60 for it! Amazing right!   

The cabinet belonged to the sellers mother and she said she remembered it in her mothers kitchen growing up.  I wonder if she ever thought about refinishing it and keeping it.  I wish I had the sellers information so I could show her my finished product.  This pick turned from the pits to perfection!

 I was so excited to get it home, refinish it, and display my Pyrex on it.  I completed the project in record time; only 2 days! I took down my other Pyrex display and placed my entire collection onto the table.  If you collect Pyrex and have ever moved your collection around you know what a task it is. 

I refinished the cabinet in red and turquoise and the porcelain top is a pale yellow. It turned out perfect!

The finished cabinet before the Pyrex.

Completed cabinet loaded with Pyrex perfection.

Love these cookbooks and they look right at home displayed here.

More Pyrex goodness!

The flower sifter is right at home next to his new Pyrex buddies.

more of my collection

Lots more storage for any future Pyrex finds!


  1. It's beautiful! You did a great job! I'm so happy for you that you found your "Perfect Pyrex Display Piece"!
    Erica :)

  2. wow.. nice find. Love your new display!

    1. Thank you I am getting a lot of use out of it.

  3. This looks really, really great! Love re-purposing old furniture, and it looks great filled with all your lovely Pyrex!!

  4. Absolutely loving your pyrex storage!!

    1. Thank you very much. Sometimes all the hard work and waiting does pay off. Happy Picking!