Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cyber Cherry Picked Pyrex

Sometimes the thrill of the hunt is the excitement of coming across something online that you just have to have.  I have often found that people feel less excited about making a vintage purchase online.  As though, it is less admirable of a find because you bought it from an online store.  I am here to tell you that is a bunch of bologna!

Your treasure hunting self-esteem should not be compromised because you had some vintage fun online.  There are still deals and steals to be made.  To be honest that is the beauty of antiquing online.  You can find and add items inconceivable prior to the second hand market going online.  Which brings me to my online find of the week.  Pyrex from across the pond! (It is a well known fact that most if not all Pyrex glass rolling pins came from the Pyrex factory in England)

For sometime I have wanted to add a vintage Pyrex glass rolling pin to my collection.  Hoping and praying about the day I would walk into an estate sale and see my Pyrex rolling pin laying on a table priced to sell.  Let's face it.  It had little chance of ever happening.  So, I decided I would begin my online search several months ago for my Pyrex rolling pin. To be honest the search was not, as easy as, I thought it would be.  There seemed to be a Pyrex rolling pin drought. Until recently...

I found not just one option but several options.  My first was eBay.  I quickly placed a bid on the one I wanted.  The item still had several days left and I knew the bidding would go much higher.  So, I continued my search and came across a rolling pin in its original box on Etsy.  I was excited and so I contacted the seller asking if she would ship internationally.  After several days of communicating back and forth, I finally purchased the item I had been searching for. My Pyrex rolling pin in the box and in great condition finally arrived.  I love it!  It is perfect and I feel great about my online vintage/collectible purchase.

It was fun searching for the perfect find.  I felt like I was on an undercover Cyber Cherry Picking Mission. It sounds like the perfect end to a perfect vintage hunt.  However, there is more to this story.  Remember the ebay bid I placed on the other Pyrex rolling pin I was going to purchase?  Turns out I won! What? So, I paid for the item and received it a few days after my Etsy purchase.  I thought about putting in my booth but instead thought I would put it in my Esty store first and see how it goes.  I thought someone else could take advantage of the thrill of the online hunt and add this to their collection.  Plus, no international shipping to worry about.  Have fun and be sure to stop by my etsy shop at CherryPickedFinds


  1. How much you want for the one you might put in your booth? maybe a trade?

    It is my ultimate want!! You are so lucky!

    1. I decided to put it in my Etsy shop to recoup the money I put into it. The Etsy shop is here I love the rolling pin it is awesome. I might be open to trade in the future though:)