Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cherry Picking Nashville

Poster from Antique Archaeology.  I love the Rock the Rust!
I have been spending the last week picking Nashville, TN in hopes of finding some awesome and unique treasures to bring back home with me.  I will be posting all of my adventures in a 4 part series.  There were definitely some ups and some downs.  I can't wait to share my deals and my duds with you.   

I visited Franklin, TN thanks to tip from a fellow blogger and a nice lady I befriended at an auction.  I went to an auction in Lebanon, TN.  I shopped at some of the antique malls and thrift stores in Nashville.  The most exciting adventure was visiting Antique Archaeology the "American Pickers" new store.                     
Minnie Pearl's dress and guitar on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame
It was amazing the amount of reproductions and knockoff vintage/antique pieces that saturate the Nashville area markets.  I was surprised because I assumed that there would be tons of great stuff to be had in the Music City.  I will talk more about that in future posts but I will say it was very very disappointing and at times frustrating.  It also made me thankful for the quality and authentic picking I have here.  

The best thing about being in Nashville or anywhere outside of my normal picking area was seeing what seemed to be hot sellers there compared to where I am at.  It was very interesting to compare pricing and look at the different booth setups. I enjoyed being inspired by all the wonderful displays and the much needed boost in creative energy.  Now I am excited about what I can do to spruce up my space even more.

Great little display at one of the local antique malls.

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