Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cherry Picking Nashville "American Picker" style

I love the show American Pickers.  Mike and Frank are so much fun to watch dig through barns, estates, and everything in between.  It gets me all pumped up for my own freestyle adventures! So, What trip to Nashville would be complete without stopping in at Antique Archaeology?

 The building is so much smaller than it looks on television.  But good things come in small packages.  This place was crawling with fans of the show and pickers like me.  Everyone was excited to see everything in the store and all the boys "rusty gold" on display.  I was even able to swap a picking tale with a some local pickers and get a tip on a local auction that was happening later in the week. More to come on that auction later.
The store was full of items that were found while filming the American Pickers show.  It was fun to see everything but I wish I could have been there on a day when Mike, Frank, or Danielle had been there.  Oh well, the staff was great and after all the inspiration I got from Antique Archaeology I was ready to pick Nashville.

Watch for future post on my Nashville trip.  There is so much that I still have to post about.  Have a great Cherry Picked Week Ya'll!

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