Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Vegas Adventure: All 7's and a Cherry or 2

I recently went on a trip to Vegas.  It was a great time to relax by the pool with a drink in hand, go see a show and gamble just a little.  In other words, I had a blast!  However, no road trip would be complete without a little picking on the side.

Las Vegas, in addition to all the gambling and night life is home to some pretty famous reality show pickers.  You have the Pawn Stars store where you can go and check out where Corey, ChumLee, Rick, and the Old Man have their store and you have the newly relocated Rick's Restoration.  

Ricks Restoration is famous for restoring items from the past and bringing them back to life every week on the History channel.  I love watching it so I headed to check out the new store and see if I could take a look at the new place.  

What was so impressive was that every single cast member/employee was working there.  Rick, Tyler, Kowboy and the whole gang were there conducting business.  The neat thing about there shop was  that they created an environment in which fans can see them working but they can still be working behind the glass in the workshop.  
A tour guide takes you on a 10 minute tour and answers all you questions.  They even pointed out some sneak peaks into what will be featured in next seasons projects.  It was great!  I really loved seeing Rick and Brantley's trucks.  A dream ride:) for a picker.  

After visiting Ricks and taking in all that Vegas has to offer I made some time to "pick" a few things as well.  My best find was....come on guess?    
PYREX!   I found a complete Hostess set.  The set had six ramekins.  I believe it originally only came with four.  But because I have hoping to find the set piece by piece I already have another big red bowl and two ramekins in my collection.  So now I have 2 complete sets!  One to sell and one to keep:)  I love when that happens.

                        I also found this English Pyrex casserole in a small thrift shop recently.  This is only my second piece of English Pyrex.  I hope everyone has a great week of picking and may the Cherry Picking Odds be with you ;)


  1. I love your complete Hostess set! I saw a complete set not too long ago but it was WAY overpriced!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week! :)

    1. I am having a great week. Thanks for stopping by :) The Hostess set is one of my best finds this season. Have a great weekend.