Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random Vintage Finds

I love the change of the seasons, especially Fall.  It is a time of new beginnings and booth refreshes.  I just came from the antique mall where I am a dealer and everyone was working hard on making there booths look more Fall like. 

I even found a cute pumpkin pillow to put on my rocking chair that sits on my porch.  I love when I can get a deal at my own antique mall.  Now I can fold up my vintage 48 star flag I had draped over the chair this summer. My porch is officially welcoming in Fall.

I wanted to share some of my "cherry picked finds" that I have not shared on this blog yet.  This is an old in the box clothes line reel made by The Bluebird company.  It is in near  mint condition.  I have it listed right now in my esty shop. (click here )

I was really lucky to find this one and thought I would pass this excellent find off to someone else.  I already have on I bought about a year ago.  I use it in my laundry room to hang a window covering from.  I used a old piece of fabric and clothes pinned in up on the line.  It is super cute and great way to bring a new use to an old product.  I love when that happens!

These tins are great, right?  I actually collect old food tins and didn't end up taking these home.  I already have a lard tin and a potato chip tin.  There are rules for this collection.  Do you ever place restrictions on yourself?  Or does your spouse? :)  The rules for tin collecting are:  

*It has to be a product marked or made in the USA. 

*The tin must fit in my kitchen color scheme (red, black, white, blue, yellow)  <---yes most Pyrex colors are acceptable.

*It must be a different type of tin than what I already have.  
                        Rules are great for keeping your collection focused :) most of the time.

Here is my growing collection of fridgies:) I have found a various sales this summer. I love how they so easily are stacked.  The sky is literally the limit.  I love Pyrex!  I bet you can't tell from the collection peeking out of the background.

Wanted also let you know that I have added a ton of new stuff to my etsy shop and you can click HERE to check it out!  You can also always click the button on the right hand side of the blog to visit my shop anytime.


  1. My Fridgies are my most used pieces, use them every morning for fruit, love them!!

    Hope you keep finding more.....

  2. The fridgies look great. Loving the gooseberry!

  3. I am loving the fridgies! I too collect large food tins. I have a verrry vintage Kraft tin that sits in my kitchen. It's perfectly red and vintage! Love! Have a wonderful rest of your week! :)