Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1960s Juicit and Pyrex make a Perfect Match

Fall is so hard to adjust to, with the change of weather, schedules and priorities.  However, I am still hard at work chasing deals at my local thrifts and estate sales.  My most recent find was a 1960s vintage Juicit machine.  I bought it hoping it would work and praying that it did the job it was intended for.  After all, nothing beats fresh squeezed orange juice with my favorite Fall treat; pumpkin pancakes.

So, I bought this Vintage Juicit machine for $4!  I didn't even know how awesome a deal that this was until I researched it.  This machine not only looks great in my vintage kitchen but it is a work horse that has quite the cult like following. If you have time you should check out The L.A. Times article about this fantastic juicing machine by Googling it. 

It is so powerful and made some of the best glasses of orange juice I have ever tasted.  It was easy to catch all the juice in my trusty vintage estate find Pyrex measuring cup.  Having multiples of this item doesn't make me a hoarder it makes me resourceful!  Right?  In any case, it came in handy as all Pyrex does.  

The Vintage Juicit machine is amazing and if you see one for under $15 (if you are a reseller) or under $30 if your buying it for personal use then you are getting a good deal.  If you are as lucky as I was you will come upon one of these wonderful machines and the owner won't know what they have or possibly even care:)  Pyrex and the Vintage Juicit make a wonderful and delicious vintage pair.

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