Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Southern California Estate Finds

Handy Hot Electric 1948 Mixer and Measuring cup hand cranked whipper.
Moving from the South and have lived in the South most of my life, I thought I would be giving up antiquing at its best; when I headed West a little more than a year ago.  I thought California was a lost cause when it came to all things old.  Boy was I ever wrong!.  

 Ice cream and Shortening Spoon  
 The little known secret up until recently, with all the reality shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters letting everyone in on it, is California is a gold mine when it comes to vintage and antique wares.  

 How did it all get here?  The gold rush and the migration West that happened in the mid-century. Everyone packed up their houses and shipped everything to their new homes.  They put it in storage and once they settled in didn't find the same uses or it didn't fit their new "California lifestyle".  They raised their kids here and the children like the parents felt no connection to those items from the past. 

 This is why there is a ton of vintage and antique goodness still left to be uncovered here.  Lucky Me!  

The Hamilton Beach Mixer I found this week (left) has 2 perfect Pyrex milk glass bowls and works great.  I had to put some elbow grease into it to get it clean but it was worth it.  I sometimes wonder if people ever cleaned the items they used everyday.   The other item was this Uncle Sam's Register Bank.  It is Red and now on the shelf so I have a vintage item to catch all my change.  Best of all it doesn't open until it get to $10 and counts everything I put in it.  

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  1. I like your Hamilton Beach mixer. I bought one just like yours at the Salvation Army that I plan to repaint due to the fact that all the paint was falling of the base. So far it has been a fun project that only cost $4. How mush did you find yours for?