Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting Lucky Twice and its Pyrex Connection

Over the summer I found laying on a dirty table at a massive yard sale something interesting.  I didn't know what it was but carried it around with me anyway.  It was wooden and attached to springs.  Finally the owner was available to ask and she said it came out of her grandmothers kitchen.  It was a cook book rack that stores under your cabinets.  She gave me a great deal on it! 

Since that day I have sanded, painted and installed it in my vintage kitchen to use.  I love looking at cookbooks on it and it is also great for looking up recipes on my ipad while cooking.  I have tried researching it and just knew I was not finding another one like this ever! 

Last week I was able to find the much sought after Pyrex cookbook on Amazon for $4.00!  I think it was an amazing deal especially with free shipping.  If you are a collector of Pyrex or vintage cookbooks this is a must have.  I knew Pyrex was useful but never imagined using a bowl to bake a cake in.  Who knew?  Fun times were had as I looked through the colorful cookbook.  

I also went to one of my favorite vintage treasure hunting location and found 2 amazing items.  Ok, so remember the cookbook rack I thought I would never see again in the wild or anywhere.  I found one in the box, still wrapped in plastic and looks like it was never used.  As if that was not enough there was another box with the matching spice rack in mint condition as well!!  So I am keeping the spice rack and selling the cookbook rack here

I Love how my love of Pyrex and all things vintage can come together in my favorite place in my home...the Kitchen!

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  1. That is cool- I need one! My parents have a similar pull-down knife rack; imagine the cookbook rack but with horizontal slats to hold knives. It's perfect for keeping sharp knives away from little kids who may be able to open drawers.