Friday, January 11, 2013

Slim Vintage Pickens

Winter is here and not as many people are donating items or hosting sales, leaving us vintage lovers to become scavengers. This time of year I look for things in different places than I normally would when estate sales are abundant. I go to thrift stores, junk stores, and even antiques stores.

I know your thinking why in the world would I pay antique store prices. The truth is I don't, most of the time. The antique stores at this time of year are eager to sale items because traffic is down and they need to move product to pay their rent. This is why you will find many dealers reducing prices and having incredible sales. I know because as a dealer I do this.

So take a look at what I found in my latest venture. I found the cute yellow canister set at an antique store in Oklahoma City. The phone I got at goodwill for $5! The low price was because they said it didn't work. Well it didn't until I took it apart and fixed it. I installed it today and it looks great in my kitchen. The phone is a retro throw back but look and feels like the original. The picture below shows Urban Outfitters selling the same exact phone for $54!! Pretty neat huh?

It might be slim pickens but I think I made out alright. If you have the vintage hunting blues, don't fret keep your eyes open and your luck will turn around soon.



  1. I just did a slim pickins' post as well, there's quite a few of us out there that are finding the shelves bare....

    It's a good thing there are no antique shops around here, or I might be tempted!

    1. I saw Jill! I was like we are all in the same boat:) thanks for reading and your support here in blog land

  2. Funny that you posted about us "collectors" becoming scavengers this time of year, it is very my case anyways! I am going to more antique stores than I normally do. I still go to the thrift stores, but like you said people are not donating this time of year. I am keeping an eye on some estate sales, but they are slim if any that are interesting.
    Love your canister set, simply awesome!

  3. I adore the canister set! So very cute. I too am finding slim pickings...fingers crossed it will pick up soon!