Friday, January 4, 2013

Vintage Christmas Better late than Never

The holiday season was filled with travel to visit family and all that involves. I hate traveling during Christmas and have vowed to not do it every year. I want to enjoy the holidays at home here in sunny Southern Cali not freezing in the middle of the country.

Other than the traveling part I was able to spend some quality time with my family. My sister even went antique shopping with me and drove on ice and snow. What can I say we are committed! I had a lot of fun going from shop to shop looking for things to add to my collection (more to come in future posts).

However, I wanted to share my scaled down version of my vintage Christmas decor before we get too far into 2013. So here are some of my fun finds this season!

The aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel I ordered on ebay. The ornaments along with everything else I bought at flea markets, swap meets, and every place in between.
I love this group of vintage ladies singing I found this and the little reindeer under the tree at the swap meet for $5 bucks! The picture of the fireplace has lots of vintage ornaments and birds mixed in. My colors this year included mostly red, white and blue. You will see these colors have become quite an obsession of mine in the year to come.
Happy Hunting in the New Year may it be filled with
Cherry Picks galore!!


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