Monday, July 15, 2013

Canned Ham Update

The first thing we did before starting the project inside the 1952 vintage trailer was clean. It's not as gratifying of a project as some but it was needed. It was gross. I will not even go into what what in the stove.

I found some interesting things while cleaning. A flag, money, foam, and Mayo. Who knows how long that has been in there. Yuck!

We also discovered through researching that owners usually give their vintage camper a name. We decided based on my love of everything Mark Twain that our 1952 Little Gem would be lovingly called "Aunt Polly".

Here are a few pictures of Aunt Polly during the cleaning process and what will be the before pictures

Keep following along as I update you on Aunt Polly's makeover in progress. Hint: the stove was the first thing I tackled. Completely disassembled and painted.



  1. I love the name you picked out!

  2. I'm telling you once Aunt Polly's received the Mississippi Queen treatment you should load up and come down! We'd love to have company, and the ceiling and walls should be up by the end of August!

    1. We might just take you up on it. I would love to see the Casablanca in person!