Thursday, July 18, 2013

The stove is done in Aunt Polly!

The first thing after cleaning is I tackled in my brand new 1952 travel trailer is the stove. I thought the brown was too blah with all the wood. I wanted to paint it. Well I had a choice to DIY or have a professional do it. Doing it myself would cost about $10 and 2-3 hours and a professional would require much more money and time.

I disassembled the parts to the stove. It took some patience. I had to figure out all the places it was put together and label the screws so I could put it back together.

The only thing I didn't do but would recommend is taking pictures along the way so I would know exactly how to put it back together. The oven parts were tricky and at one point I had to walk away and clear my mind in order to get in back together. That was the most frustrating thing! So, lesson learned, take pictures.

I also, took down the weird vinyl floor backsplash that someone along the way thought was a good idea. I will never understand not doing something right the first time. Waste of time and ugly! But I will be righting this wrong soon :)

Here she is without all her parts. The parts headed to paint. The paint I used after much research was a very high heat enamel in an easy to use spray can. These high heat enamels are easily found in a variety of colors at the auto parts store. This paint in used on engines and parts that come in versions that resist temps upward of 1000.

I chose red and did 2 coats, letting it dry between coats. After the reassembly fiasco, here she is with her new red makeover. I also polished and cleaned the chrome parts with a rotary tool from Harbor Freight.

Next I tackle the backsplash!



  1. I'm living through you. This is amazing.

  2. How SHARP the new red paint makes it look! Wowee! Gosh I'm loving this, it's fun to ride along with you.

  3. So cute! I love the bright red!


  4. Love the red! Be careful- that backsplash may be asbestos tile. Make sure you wear a mask to remove it!!

    1. Thanks, but no asbestos here just peel and stick vinyl floor tile the previous owner put up. It won't take much effort as it is barely hanging on lol.