Sunday, September 8, 2013

Aunt Polly Bedroom Tackled

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to blog about Aunt Polly. But, finally I have made a few improvements to the bedroom area and a few moments to share with you all.

Although, my 1952 trailer is small, I wanted each area to have its own personality. The kitchen, bedroom and dining room. I started brainstorming and finally came up with a plan. I wanted to add color or wallpaper but that didn't lend itself to be easily changed or be easy to wipe down or clean.

The other issue I had to take into consideration was that these vintage trailers are known to leak and although I was taking precautions resealing everything, I didn't want to add paint or wallpaper to the mix with the chance of it being ruined by rain. I decided to use a vintage bus roll sign.

Here is what the bedroom looked like before.

The previous owner had added a 12 inch thick memory foam mattress which I have to say it almost too comfortable. I have napped many times there already in between projects.

Anyway, back to the vintage 1950s bus roll. I acquired the bus roll from an estate a few weeks back. When I bought the rolls I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. But the material is perfect because it is made to stand up to the elements, light weight, easy to clean and could be removed if there were a leak of some kind. It also had all local California stops on it which made it perfect.

Above is a piece to show the cool font. I cut the roll to size and attached it with spray adhesive. This allowed the sign to conform to all the curves on the back wall.

Cutting around the window to make it look custom was the most difficult part. After I had everything in place I added hardware for the windows. All I need to do now is to find a cool fabric to go on the windows, measure, sew and hopefully find some cool bedding to go back there too. I'm not asking to much am I? :)



  1. Holy crap, that looks awesome! What a great idea. Getting Pinned right now!

  2. OoOoOoOo!!!! I really like it! Glad the fading scrubbed off, now you need some black and white Jason Pollack curtains to go on the window!