Monday, October 21, 2013

Busy busy, break from the trailer restoration, Vintage Flips!

I had no idea how busy I would feel when September came around. It was so nice in the summer to have one focus. My business. Reality is I am more than my x-small business, hopefully one day that will change.

I am taking a break from focusing on my travel trailer restorations to focus on the holiday sale season at my booth and other things that need my attention. I have a few other posts to share about where I am on the project so look for those in the coming weeks.

Ok, so I have bought/sold a few things and thought I would share some of my most recent vintage flips.

This is a 1960s pink formica table and set of vinyl chairs in great shape! I was so excited when a dealer friend allowed me to take this off her hands. I have a customer coming from L.A. to pick up this week!

This is a wonderful piece that sold right away and went to lovely family. It is a mid century sewing cabinet made in Denmark. It was the cleanest one I have found ever! It was filled with hundreds of vintage sewing items, and gets this, the buyer didn't want the contents!? Double score for me! I hate paying for sewing items.

I have found some Pyrex but I will save that for later in the week:) The collecting trend is catching up and people are selling anything Pyrex at crazy prices. I am choosing to look at the glass half full and say my investment/collection is increasing in value!