Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pay no attention to the vintage trailer behind the curtain!

Aunt Polly will be going as herself this year for Halloween and has no plans of landing on a green witch from the West. She did however insist she get a little dressed up for the occasion.

I have completed most of the window curtains and hardware. The curtains were made from a vintage wool table cloth that I thrifted. The other fabric was a splurge and adds Pyrex patterns to both the dinette and kitchen windows. I was super happy with the outcome. The fruit clock was an estate sale score. It is NOS!

I made the pillows from the fabric left from the curtains and some vintage napkins. I found the crudely made vintage quilt from a local thrift. I think it made from suit jackets. Quirky and fun! I am still having a blast giving her a makeover! The floor is next :)


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