Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh Shiny Brite...Oh Shiny Brite



The Shiny Brite box I found in estate sale land this summer. I had to include it in my decorations because of the graphics. This is the only ornament box I have that is this detailed. It will be a keeper. I also came across the vintage Santa planter at my local auction. I know nothing about him other than he had to come home with me. Anyone else know anything about the Santa?



  1. Oh yea- love the box!
    I *don't* know about your Santa but I bet someone will know! ♥

  2. I displayed my awesome Shiny Brite box too! They're just so dang pretty.
    I think the planter is Made in Japan, but other than that I got nothing. It sure is cute though!

  3. You're lucky to have found a real Shiny Brites box!

    Your Santa sure is cute!

  4. It's wonderful! What great shape the box it in, we have our shiney brights strung up all over the Casablanca on trees, fans, window sills, oh how I look forward to vintage Christmas!