Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rockin around the Christmas Tree



The large reindeer came from the swap meet. It was $1! The glittery santa and little white deer came from a local thrift store. I put Santa on the reindeer at first to be funny but after a good laugh I kinda liked it. lol

The white mint condition Westinghouse AM radio is from the 1950s. I got it from an auction. Old radios are fascinating to me especially when they are in good condition. I have seen where people are creating a way to plug your MP3 player into the old radio. I love the idea and had the opportunity to do this with another radio I have. The sound is like nothing today and the music you play is limitless. Best of both worlds.

Anyone else loving the holiday music on the radio? I have Sirius so there is like 5 channels of holiday music to choose from anytime I feel like listening.




  1. Oh so kitchy cute! A vintage plastic radio is on my wish list! ♥

  2. Great little display! I love Sirius! The Forties channel has great Christmas music on right now, though it was a bit too calming for me the other night. Damn near fell asleep driving!