Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best Cherry Picked Finds 2013, a year in review

I wanted to post my very best picks or the ones I loved the most but had such a hard time narrowing it down so I decided to do categories.

First up, Flips. Without flipping a few treasures for profit I wouldn't have the affordability to purchase some of my most prized pieces in my collection.

My Top Cherry Flipped Finds of 2013

*A pink and black Mid Century table with hair pin legs and pink chair set of 4.

*Danish Sewing cabinet in pristine condition

*Vintage Subway Bus roll signs.

*Mid Century Modern Lounge Chairs

My Cherry Picked Pyrex Finds of 2013.

*The Starburst

*The Dot bowls

*Thanksgiving Pyrex advertising

*Turquoise Chip and Dip in the box

And my favorite find maybe of all time is the

*1940s glass, chrome and steel light up Pyrex advertising store display. I love it so much.

The Ultimate Cherry Picked Find of 2013.

My 1952 Little Gem Vintage Travel Trailer affectionately named "Aunt Polly"



  1. cutes stuff! I am hoping to get a little camper too...will be a great guest room!

  2. The subway roll is my favorite! It's so stinking cool and what you did with it makes it like 100 times cooler. Your little camper is coming along so nicely!
    And all the many great finds! Lets hope 2014 is just as good to you as 2013 was.

  3. Absolutely Amazing - that sign!! That is great. I love the dots set and the starburst too! I just found your blog. Can't wait to explore!