Sunday, January 5, 2014

Etsy store revamp and recommit!

Ok, let me start by saying this was not an original thought. I saw this idea last year from another blogger who committed to listing on etsy everyday of last year. So, I thought what a great idea. However, I have modified it to be 7 items every week in 2014. I have really neglected my etsy store and so I'm recommitting to it this year.

Here are the partial highlights from week 1. Click the my etsy store button on the right to check it out.



  1. Yes! She pumped up her sales so much with that project! I hope you have the same results!

  2. Excellent idea. I hope you have lots of success.

  3. Here's to good sales for you in 2014!

    I tried opening an etsy for my crafts once.
    I spent 3 days just trying to name it what I wanted and gave up!!

  4. Woot woot esty will be my down fall!