Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On the Horizon: Thrift finds, Jif Whip, and more!

The more I blog, the more I feel like I want to share more than just my love of vintage collectibles. Until now, I have held back. However, that will change at the end of this post. In the mean time, take a look at some recent thrift store finds.

I found this made in Japan mouse dressed ready for Independence Day in a bag of vintage Christmas, with the rest of his friends. They are all so darn cute!

I picked up my first horizon blue caserole. It was a great find and in awesome shape.

I just love the detail of this pattern but I have never actively collected it until now :)

Now for a personal share that has nothing to do with vintage or treasure hunting. I am just the type of person when I love a product I want share my love with everyone. So, I recently discovered Jif Whip chocolate and peanut butter spread. It is so sinful, but that's what makes it so good ;) my favorite way to enjoy it is on shortbread cookies. Delicious! Disclaimer: no one has paid me to say any of this I just love the stuff.



  1. Oh my goodness that whip sounds so yummy!
    I'm getting fatter by the minute up here but I need to get just a liiiiiittle bit more fat and that should do the trick! ;) Hee-hee!
    I love picking up Pyrex here and there but don't see myself collecting any one particular pattern.
    It's just too hard to come by around here - reasonably priced anyway!

    1. Lol, it is still winter after all! It's sooo good! Pyrex is getting harder to find especially the more popular patterns. Thanks for comments Holly it made me laugh so hard!

  2. Those little mice are adorable! And that spread...that's begging to be spooned straight to the face!

    1. They are in really great condition too! As far as the spread is concerned, I will tell you it may or may not have been spooned to the face. Lol sooo good!