Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aunt Polly has new floors! (Update 1952 travel trailer)

It has been months since I have updated you on my major renovation project. But finally I have an update, my 1952 travel trailer finally has a new floor. If you are new to the blog or would like to read the story of the renovation step by step I have added a tab to the navigation bar to allow you to link to each post.
Deciding on the flooring style I wanted was not hard at all. I knew I wanted a checkered floor pattern and the most common was black and white. I did research to see if I could find other color varieties available. There are red/white and a few other color options out there but they are very expensive. Black and white checkered floors are classic and so that is what I decided to go with.

Vinyl is the most durable and cost effective, but suprisingly was not easily accessible in any local stores. At first, I wanted a solid sheet of vinyl because of the durablity and ease of installation. However, when I learned a single sheet of 6 x 5 vinyl was going to cost close to $500 and I would have to order it. I went looking for another source.
I finally decided to go with a peel and stick 12 inch vinyl tile. I read the cons to using this product which include gapping due to changes in temperature and a few others. I decided to take the chance of having to redo it or replace a tile or 2 over time because of one reason. Price. At $40 for 2 boxes, I had to give it a try. Plus, the very ugly tile sheet that was installed by the previous owner had a 12 inch faux tile pattern that was going to make it easy to cut and install the new tiles.

(Above)This is the floor before. Both the original floor under the cabinets and the solid sheet of ugly flooring installed by the previous owner. (Below) 12 inch black and white floor tile
The tile was easy to install. When I say easy it was the easiest project I have ever tackled! Take a look at the final result. I couldn't be more pleased :)


  1. Oh, her floors look marvelous! Just perfect.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. It looks great! And you just cant beat $40! I hope the white doesn't scuff... a friend of mine had expensive checkerboard floor installed in her home and the white scuffs pretty easily. Also tell me more about this neat little collection of Yard sticks you've got nailed to the wall under the table booth!

    1. Well I knew someone would ask about the yard sticks. Lol I will blog about it more once that project is finished. But to answer your question I am planning to cover the wall in the dinette with the yard sticks to add color and texture. I just need more vintage yard sticks. :) The theater/set designer would notice the details lol :) thanks for stopping by Mick