Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tan Thursday, Black Fridays long lost cousin!

The estate sales lines are getting wicked crazy. I am talking insanity at it highest form. I waited in line 2 hours last week and was #11. It is like the day after Thanksgiving otherwise know as Black Friday but without the ad or a map of the store. You line up at ungodly hours to be met by some of the most fierce and grumpy people I have ever encountered, who are all after the same handful of items, that may or may not be in the right location. Meaning the Pyrex could be located in the bathroom closet or the coveted vintage Danish Modern chair could be upstairs in a room buried under a pile of stuffed Pandas (true story).

Look I may be complaining but guess who keeps getting up earlier and earlier. Yep, this gal! The last estate sale I went to the people in line ahead of me had camped out overnight. Just like Black Fiday! But this is what I found.

I found a set of menu letters for the NOS Dr Pepper menu I found some time ago. I put it up in my kitchen with a fun phrase. Love it!

I also brought home some Pyrex. The sandalwood bowl and the space saver lid! I looked all over for the space saver but did not find it. Not much of a haul for a 2 hour wait but, I'll take what I can get. Guess who is getting up extra early tomorrow? Me!




  1. I really like your NOS menu board idea! That's so neat, and such a true quote you have on it. The Sandal wood set, is one of my favorite that I never use! I found 3 bowls at the flea market, and then we drove to a totally different town and found the last bowl i needed for a surprising $4.00! I had my whole set for $18 and it wasn't until later when I was talking to Missouri Michael and he told me it was kind of a rare set! Good to know we Estate sale die hards aren't alone!

    1. Thanks so much! $4?! And it completed a set. I love when that happens. I want to find the fridge set for that pattern. I know it's a long shot but I'm hoping I find it someday. Have a great week. Heading over to your blog to see what's been happening.

  2. Loving your menu board! And you're right about the lines. I stopped at an estate sale over the weekend and was talking to the guy running it. He said that they had 65 people waiting for them at 5am!!! Holy crap on a cracker! That's out of control.