Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Like a flood Estate and thrift finds

It has been super great out there in estate sale land. I have found so much recently that it has been hard to choose what to share. Everything from vintage Christmas to Easter and Pyrex in between!

The Santa blow mold needs to be cleaned but that will happen during the holidays. The Shiny Brite box is one of my favorite designs. I love the boxes with the cut outs of the tree. I was slightly disappointed in the grease pen used to price them, but I had to bring them home anyway.

I was also lucky to find these cute Easter decorations in the bottom of a box stuffed with garland on the last day of an estate sale. The colors are so cheerful and make me smile.

The collection of tins were purchased as a filler item for my booth but I think I'm going to keep the National Biscuit tin for now. I love the Dogs on the front of the Christmas tin. It reminds me of a dog I had that ruined Christmas one year by opening all the presents when we were gone. We came home to a mess and all the gifts unwrapped lol!

Lastly, I found some Pyrex! Dot bowls! The green and orange are in great shape. The yellow shows more wear and the shine is not there. I already have a set and was thinking of putting these in my Etsy shop. In the mean time, if anyone is interested you can contact me through email. I would be open to offers.



  1. I wish you lived around the corner, I would be on your doorstep for that green dots bowl!! Sadly, I am too far away....

  2. I want to orange and green! :)