Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pyrex is Still my Passion!

I love estate sales and auctions! They are the most fun because you never know what you will find. As Pyrex collecting has hit a more main stream trend lately, the prices have gone up. However, the estate sale companies are still not advertising Pyrex is their listings. That part makes this collector happy.

I have a strategy when searching ads and listings to see if Pyrex might be at a particular sale. I look at pictures to see the age of the other things in the house and look for keywords that might give me more clues. My "strategy" has served me well over the years and it served me well this week too!

I found this pink daisy space saver at an auction and quickly added it to my personal stash. It was not in mint condition but for $5 I had to take it home!

I also picked up a few other things from a sale that I went to and was number 1 in line. The blue jars always come home with me and the red handle tool is a fun addition. I also added the large snowflake caserole to my collection as I already have the smaller version. The 1 pint butterprint completes my butterprint caserole set! I am always thrilled when I complete a set I have been working on. The NOS Corning ware replacement parts were also a cool find. I picked these up to sale or trade to someone that needs it.

I have had less quanity but more quality treasure hunting time lately and that is all I can ask for!


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