Thursday, June 26, 2014

So Different, Same House?!

Have you ever went to a sale and thought about how this group of items ended up in the same house? I have and do all the time. I have been to a house that had a panda room. It was filled with every shape and size stuffed panda bear. Yes, it was as freaky as it sounds. However, my most recent example was less freaky and more fantastic!

It was Friday morning and I ended up being one of the first people in line. All the dealers I knew were there and I knew the house was packed. Once the doors opened everything was a blur. This house had everything from top of the line kitchen appliances to Hollywood memorabilia (more on that next time ;). The prices were super cheap! For example, a top of the line Kitchen Aid 6quart mixer that I totally missed was $25! Brand new they are $400 at least. I still don't know how I missed that.

I was searching through the house and found tonnage! I spent more money at this sale than I have ever spent. It had everything you could think of except vintage Christmas. Here is just a tiny bit of what I brought home.

The Miller Studio wall plaques are from the 60s and just one of about 50 pieces I purchased. I will share more of that stash another time. However, I will be selling them soon so feel free to contact me if your interested. I also, picked up the cowboy mug which has a Native American Indian on the other side. The bunnies were found in a box of vintage Easter items in the garage.

I was able to find the complete Pyrex Butterprint Fridge set. This is a duplicate for me so I hope to sell or trade it. I have pretty good Pyrex collection so I would only trade for the stripes bowl(s), lasagna pans, the cinderella friendship 403 and 401 and maybe another fridge set I don't already have. Let me know if anyone is interested.

I also found a Kitchen Aid of my own from the 1940/50s. It is super cool and runs smooth. I even made a cake in it last weekend. However, it is also a duplicate for me. So, I will be selling it. Another addition was the Singer featherweight 221 sewing machine from 1941. Whether you sew or not, this is the easiest machine to use. It's portable and came with it original case. If you've never come across one or don't what it is you should look it up. It has quite the following and highly collectible. I also picked up another thermos with the original paper label, never used!

This is just some of the goodies I came home with. I hope to share more next week.
Hint: Hollywood Royalty!



  1. What fun that must have been, you found some great things!!

    1. Thank you so much Jill! I can't believe the stuff in that house :)

  2. What a sale! I would jump on your Miller fish, but i'm afraid they'd just look to out of place in their formal wear, amongst the other common chalkware sea creatures.

    1. I have about 45 pieces of Miller chalkware from this sale. I will post soon on here. Let me know if your interested in any that I post.