Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rescued Dog Bowl, and more Finds!

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a dealer friend about her recent summer clean out of her garage and house. We laughed about how our spouses get frustrated by how much junk we bring home and how ever so often we must purge what has not sold. We also reassured ourselves that we are indeed not hoarders!

Somehow, the conversation turned to Pyrex. My dealer friend said she was cleaning out her kitchen and didn't realize how much Pyrex she had picked up over the years. She doesn't collect it at all and had just picked it up here and there. So, over course I needed the details and description of the patterns. She promised to pack it all up and bring it next time we saw each other.

The next time we met up she said she brought the Pyrex but also added a piece that she didn't describe before in case I was interested. She said she noticed it while feeding her dogs. I was very skeptical of the condition of this mystery piece and what Pyrex would I want that was so under appreciated that it was used to serve a dog!

This piece of Pyrex is what she pulled out...

Can you believe this was being used to feed a dog for God only knows how long! I was so excited!! The condition is suprisingly good!

Here are few of my other recent fabulous finds. A 1940s Art Deco watch, a vintage kitchen scale and a brass save the whales belt buckle. The watch will be staying with me I just love it too much!



  1. Oh how fun! I was recently given a jadeite batter bowl that was a cat's watering dish!

  2. I rescued a autumn harvest bowl from a barn once. It was completely covered in dirt and grime. There was no way to tell the condition, but for free, i was willing to take the chance. Well, after a good wash with soap ans water, it looked almost brand new!

    1. The dirt and grime must have protected the finish. Who doesn't love FREE!

  3. A big primary yellow is my dogs's water bowl. One eats out of a butterprint and the other out of a vintage dish marked Northland Japan. Sorry :)