Friday, September 5, 2014

The Pyrex Mother Lode!

Do you scour craigslist and estate sale sites for Pyrex? If you do, your a crazy Pyrex collector like me. I am always looking. Most of the time there is nothing but ever so often I get a hit. That is what happened a few weeks ago when I came across an ad on Craigslist.

The ad was for a thrift store company, so I had my doubts. However, I pursued the Pyrex lead like a good treasure hunter/collector. I found the store had a Facebook page that listed the stores number. I called them up to find out more information about the "large Pyrex collection for Sale". The young lady I spoke to on the phone was great. We discussed patterns and what was left to be processed in their warehouse. She said they had tons.

The store is over an hour away so I wanted as much detail about what they had before I decided to make the trek. I am also, at the point in my collection that I've become very selective. The estate the Pyrex came from was from a former dealer. The dealer had a store and it was mostly Pyrex and Corningware. After the store closed she moved everything to a garage. They said they removed anywhere from 600-800 boxes from the garage and it took 2 trucks. OMIgosh can you imagine!

Of course, after hearing everything, I planned to get to the store ASAP. Here is what greeted me when I walked through the door.

Row after Row....

Shelf after Shelf....

Of incredible good condition Pyrex!

This is what I took home.

The Designs bowl, already on display!

The old orchard fridge set. No lids but I hoard those so no big deal. Also, the forest set.

The golden scroll promotional chip and dip!

The black and yellow gooseberry.

I was super pleased with my purchases and my trip. I hope everyone is having a great start to the Fall treasure hunting season. I can't wait to see all the Fall displays!



  1. J-E-A-L-O-U-S How lucky to even see so many great pieces in one spot, let alone have pick of the mill! Fab finds and great choices!

    1. Thanks Mick. The amount was a bit overwhelming but as you can see I came through it just fine lol

  2. Whoa! That is crazy and totally worth the drive. Were the prices good? It's a little scary how the thrifts are blowing up their prices on Pyrex, even common patterns and damaged pieces. Glad you brought home some good stuff!


    1. The price were marked somewhat high but everything was 50% off so it ended up being a great deal! Thanks for stopping by Erica.

  3. Wow! although I got me free vintage stove off of craigslist, I've never seen Pyrex on there!

  4. Wow I would love to go to a place like that! Great finds!