Friday, October 10, 2014

1950s Geneva Metal kitchen cabinets, Full Set!

I have always wanted a full set of metal cabinets for my future home. I love the durability and the vintage charm these cabinets have. However, I never imagined I would be lucky enough to find a full set and in AQUA! However, lightning did strike and that is exactly what happened.

I search craigslist all the time for just about everything. During one of my searches I came across this amazing ad for vintage cabinets. The price was great. The best part was that the ad explained they would not be breaking up the set. When I read that, I knew I would be able to negotiate on the already great price and I would have less competition.

I called the seller and arranged to come take a look. When we pulled up to the old 1920s mission style house I was perplexed. Many of these homes still have the shaker style cabinets like I have in my house currently. I was curious about the back story. I greeted the owners and they filled me in on the history of the cabinets and the home. The home was built in the 1920s and was renovated in the 1950s with the Geneva cabinets. The reason they were getting rid of them is because they were planning a historical renovation on the home.

I knew from the ad the cabinets were a complete set but seeing them in person was overwhelming. There were so many!

My favorite pieces were the unique pantry with the glass fronts. I knew my Pyrex would look amazing in them. I have looked everywhere online and cannot find anything like these particular cabinets. The are also extremely tall which I really loved.

I made what I believe was a smokin deal on these cabinets. I was even able to get the couple to deliver and unload them into my storage unit 30 miles away! I think I really scored!

I have only cleaned up and installed the pantry cabinets into my house for now. I plan to try and use most of them in the future. For now, I have the pantry filled with my favorite Pyrex pieces. It looks better than I had imagined! This has to be my best cherry pick of the Summer!



  1. Wow....what a great find. Your Pyrex looks amazing!!

  2. Oh awesome! Congrats!!! I search craigslist all the time, too! :)

  3. Those cabinets look great & your Pyrex collection looks amazing in them! I rarely search Craigslist for anything other than estate sales. Maybe I should start...