Thursday, October 16, 2014

Schwinn Bike Search and Score!

I have been wanting a beach cruiser bike to ride for a few months now. However, when I go to look at the new bikes for sale, I always leave unimpressed. So, when I spotted the 1971 Schwinn Breeze Lady's bike I was smitten. It was a 3 speed which makes it much better for the hills around my neighborhood. The bike was not an amazing $15 garage sale find but I didn't overpay for it and it's perfect.

The Schwinn is in great condition. It is all original down to the tires! I took the bike in for a tune-up at a local bike shop to make sure everything was safe to ride. The mechanic took one look at her and said, "that bike is bitchin". That made me laugh because I liked the bike and thought it was in good condition but to have that confirmed by the expert was awesome. The accessories include a headlight with a horn that works, basket with cup holder,mirror, and the bike pump. The green color just pops especially when the dust was wiped off the frame. The bike mechanic said he would guess there was less than 5 miles put on the bike. The bike is 43 years old! The bike is easy and fun to ride. I can't believe I almost bought a brand new beach cruiser made in China when this beauty was waiting for me and was made right here in the USA.

Keep on Cherry Pickin!


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  1. Absolutely adore this bike! I want one just like it!