Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finds, Family Thrifting and Fun!

It was a crazy holiday time around here. Traveling is not fun but seeing all your family is always a treat. Especially because everyone was in one place this year. My brother and his girlfriend came in from North Carolina and we flew from Southern California to the freezing Plains.

The one thing that helped me through the cold was the this new throw back Thermos travel mug. I found it one a whim in Old Navy and love it. It literally keeps my coffee hot for hours! I have looked all over to find another one but can't find it anywhere. I even contacted the company and came to a dead end with them also. If anyone knows where I can find another one of these please, please, please help me out. It is seriously the best travel mug ever!

Everyone knows the saying, the family that thrifts together stays together. Maybe I just made that up, but I'm going with it. I am really getting into the vintage clothing trend and loving it. My brother, sister and I have always shopped at thrifts as adults for clothing. Which is odd because we never bought used growing up. Items I've picked up lately are Pendleton flannels, vintage military bags that I use for purses and vintage converse sneakers. The ones in the picture are from the 70s and 80s limited Christmas editions and both have bells that hang out the back. My brother was having fun and being silly thrifting thinking about his red hat party 20 years too early!

We searched antique malls, thrift stores and junk shops. We had a blast spending time with each other and finding unique places to explore. I had so much stuff to bring back in my bags that my mom had to ship me some stuff.

I hope everyone had a great start to 2015. I know I am busy as ever and already have a few finds I can't wait share with ya'll soon.



  1. You have just wasted half an hour of my time :) In a good way. I saw your post on The Adventures Of Two Pyrex Crazy Sister's sidebar and had to pop over to check out the Thermos. And then when I saw it was a travel mug of course I had to search all over the entire internet to see if I could find one for myself. I have a bit of a Thermos obsession! But seriously, thanks for sharing your finds!

    1. Did you find it? If you do let me know. I am sad to say I also have wasted lots of time searching. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. :)