Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Auction Auction Read all about it!

I love a good auction; who doesn't? It's exciting, interesting and educational. I recently attended an advertising auction. Tons of signs, vending machines, juke boxes and everything in between. The amount of people in one space had to be illegal.

I expected the prices to be high but I still expected to walk about with a few deals. I was wanting a few special pieces to add to my booth. The prices soared and soared and soared. To the point I was checking ebays to compare. The hammer dropped on items at quadruple what ebay had them listed for including shipping. I was flabbergasted! I could not believe what was happening. Here are some of the highlights of the sale.

I didn't stay for the entire auction insanity. I left empty handed. However, all was not lost because my auction education led me searching ebay and learning so much.

In other more productive treasure hunting news, here are few of my favorite recent finds.

A huge vintage French theatre poster. I love the color and graphics.

A Native American inspired vintage leather handbag. I ordered this off ebay. I don't discriminate when it comes to auctions. I love online as well!

A 1895 Royal Academy of Music Silver medal for violin. It came in its original case and a remarkable piece of history because it was awarded to an American. This was an estate find.

I hope all is well with everyone's treasure hunting adventures. I look forward to seeing all the new junkin gold and Cherry Picked Finds!


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