Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ever Heard of a Beetland American Freezer? Well, I have one!

I was at an auction recently when I came across a very facinating little item. It looked like a piece of doll furniture or part of a toy kitchen of some kind. It was labeled Beetland and copyrighted 1987. The fact that it was from the 80s puzzled me because I had never seen anything like it before.

Upon further investigation, I discovered it was some sort of desk/stationary set. Everything in it had a different purpose. For example, the little butter in the side door was really a pencil sharpener and the eggs were tiny erasers. A drawer opened up to hold a tape dispenser, another held fish shaped paper clips, and the cake is a tape measure. The basket that is still sealed in in it original plastic holds meat shaped magnets, push pins shaped like tomatoes, a pineapple stapler and vegetable shaped tiny pens.

It is simply one of the most intricate vintage novelty items I have ever purchased. I thought I paid a lot for it at auction when I let myself pay $12! Especially, when I knew I intended to keep this item, didn't know it had any value, and hadn't even discovered what it really was. I just thought, how cute a mini fridge. I need that! I'm sure all of you treasure seekers can think back to a similar moment of your own.

When I got home from the auction I started to research and discovered what this little curiosity was and its value when it is complete. I was was surprised and glad I spent my $12! Take a look.

I was tempted to sell it but I just love it! I have a shelf in my kitchen that has miniature kitchen items on it and it looks great there. Have any of you ever come across this item before? Please share if you have or do.
I have also come across a few pieces I have added to my Pyrex horde lately and here is one photographed and ready to share. The horizon blue lasagna pan! I was excited to see it in a new dealers booth at my antique mall. I didn't get it for a steal but did get it for a more than reasonable price. I am happy to add it to my growing collection of lasagna pans. Until last summer I didn't have even 1 of these pans in my collection. Now, I have 4!
Have a wonderful Cherry Picked week ya'll!



  1. What a fun find! I would have paid $12.00 for it, too!
    One of these days, I hope to sell on ebay but I want to study up on it first.

  2. Thanks Holly. Selling on ebay can be daunting, but you will get there.