Thursday, April 30, 2015

Out of Town fun in a Vintage Wonderland

I was kickin it in vintage style on a recent trip to Florida. I stayed at the Cabana Bay Resort in Orlando. It is a Universal Studios hotel. They have completely renovated and restyled in a 1950s 1960s vibe. It was super cute for the price. The only things I would improve would be the sound proofing of the rooms and the food could be better. I would stay there again. The pools and lazy river were great!

They had a bowling alley and arcade room. Also, movies at the pool each night. The bar had the best drinks!

In addition we spent time at Universal Studios and visited Harry Potter World. Which was amazing! I am not easily impressed by theme parks but the attention to detail was incredible! The rides were great but the Harry Potter Books came alive in every inch of it. I even had some butter beer!

I didn't stop treasure hunting even though it did slow down. Here are a few things I've picked up in the last few weeks.

The mini indent ornaments are my favorite Christmas finds so far this season. The Elvis musical jewel box was just too kitchy to pass up and the Foley red handle potato masher is going in my stash/collection.
The Uncle Sam iron bank is going to be added to my patriotic holiday display. The vintage lantern is going to be added to my new summer porch decorations. I was able to pick both of these up at auction this week!

Moving to Southern California has more perks than just the weather. I am able to frequently pick up signed Hollywood memorabilia. This H.G Wells Time Machine photo is signed by Alan Young and Rod Taylor. It was also an auction buy. I always pick up signed stuff if it's cheap enough.

I hope everyone's sale season is off to a great start. Have a wonderful cherry picked weekend!


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