Thursday, April 2, 2015

Swizzle stick foshizzle stick

We all know people who collect coins, stamps and Pyrex. But, have ever heard of a swizzle stick collector? Don't get me wrong I know many folks who have a jar full somewhere in the mix of all their vintage goodness. Those people are not the kind of collectors I'm talking about. I'm referring to the swizzle stick collector that attends the International Swizzle Stick Association convention in Las Vegas every 2 years, hunts down and categorizes them with intent.

I ran across an avid swizzle stick collectors collection at a family ran estate sale. It was insane. The amount of vintage swizzle sticks was overwhelming. The entire garage was filled with meticulously organized swizzle sticks. Plastic, advertsing, glass, pewter, silver, gold and everything in between. I talked to the family about their parents collection. They informed me that the swizzle sticks I saw was not even half of the sticks that their parents had owned. They had packed up an entire storage pod and sent it to be sorted and displayed in some museum. Can you imagine a swizzle stick exhibition?

So, what does one do when they are overwhelmed by a swizzle stick collection at an estate sale? This cherrypicker asked how much for allllllll of the sticks! NO, this is not a joke. The price was amazing! I bought them all! They were all organized in these specifically crafted folders and it was too much to resist. Take a look at a few of my favorite cocktail stirs I purchased.

These are a few of the boxes with the folders that all the sticks are organized in.


Christmas! Coca Cola and Donkey/Moscow Mule!
Lady Devils and pin up girls!

This was a fun and interesting find. I only hope there is a market for swizzle sticks. I hope to sell them in my booth and in my etsy shop soon. Happy Easter!



  1. I bet you had the best time going through all of those envelopes, not knowing what you would find next! Those Halloween ones are amazing. I would buy them in a second!


    1. It is a constant surprise going through each box.Good to know someone else would buy them too :))) Have a great week.