Thursday, May 21, 2015

It was/is a Sign! A Pyrex sign...

I have collected Pyrex for about 10 years now. I have actively collected advertising for about 15 years. The advertising collection started after I took several advertising and marketing classes in college. I had a professor who was obsessed with branding especially John Deere. We studied all the great brands and I developed an appreciation for the art and creativity that goes into each piece.

Naturally, when I discovered there were advertsing pieces other than print ads available to purchase with my favorite brand Pyrex I was thrilled. Of course, I combined my 2 collecting categories and my new obsession was born. Pyrex advertising store displays and signs from hardware stores, general stores and department stores are my focus.

I recently acquired this piece. The seller found it in a barn and it was super grimy and rusty. But the fact that it exists is quite amazing. It is rare. However, I have seen part of this piece before. The Thrifter Sisters at had found one and posted it as their very first blog post!

My sign needed some work because of the dirt and rust. I took the entire thing apart and because there was not any paint left on the outside metal I sanded it down to remove the rust. I decided to paint the outside a light hammered blue. I chose the paint color based on the fact that my other general store display from the same era was that same color and texture. I also decided at over 4 feet wide with the side brackets that I would not have room to display it in my tiny kitchen. I decided to only display the Pyrex sign part for now.

It is a great sign and it is right at home sitting above my refrigerator. I am so happy to add it my collection.



  1. Looks awesome! What an amazing find. I remember how excited I was when I found mine. I mean, it started the whole blog!

    Have an awesome weekend!